I bought an Intuos Manga

That’s it, I did it. I started a blog to talk about my graphic tablet and therefore, my drawings, which might be mediocre but are mine.

Anyway, to start, I will be writing a couple of posts about, the size of the graphic tablet, the program I use, and some of the things I have learned by using it.

Knowing myself though, I dont think I will be posting anything in at least a couple of months, and I wil be lucky if I draw something else by then… What can I tell you; life, time, kids, work and the universe.

In case anybody asks, I have got an Intuos Manga S for 99€ and I am using the Manga Studio pro… 5? I will check than one out when I get home.

Ok then, thanks for not reading me, and see you soon…

One more thing though… nah, forget it.