¿Is Small too small?

Well… I dont really know. I haven’t tried the Medium, but I can tell you how the Intuos Small works for me.

First, the S was 100€ and the M 200€, and of course I was afraid of it being too small, but since I didn’t know if I was going to use it at all due to my laziness, I bought the small, for the price.

So far it works fine for me, I guess I could be better with the medium size, but with time, you get used to it, and the only annoying part is when you have to go too low or too much to the right, which would annoy me the same in a medium sized one.

As I say, since the tablet takes all your screen in its surface, no matter how big the screen, or how small the tablet, you end up getting used to the movement, the strokes and the location.

¿Does this mean that a little stroke translates in a big one on screen? Yes.

But luckily for me, the hotkeys of Manga studio are very similar to Photoshop’s so if you zoom in and out continuously, which I do all the same. then the size of the tablet is no problem.

There. It took me a while but I said it.

Tonight I will post one of my firt drawings with the tablet. Tonight might me tonight or maybe in a month time. But I’ll try. Even if it is only for my new subscriber. Hello!



I bought an Intuos Manga

That’s it, I did it. I started a blog to talk about my graphic tablet and therefore, my drawings, which might be mediocre but are mine.

Anyway, to start, I will be writing a couple of posts about, the size of the graphic tablet, the program I use, and some of the things I have learned by using it.

Knowing myself though, I dont think I will be posting anything in at least a couple of months, and I wil be lucky if I draw something else by then… What can I tell you; life, time, kids, work and the universe.

In case anybody asks, I have got an Intuos Manga S for 99€ and I am using the Manga Studio pro… 5? I will check than one out when I get home.

Ok then, thanks for not reading me, and see you soon…

One more thing though… nah, forget it.